The Federation presently consists of 10 member co-operatives. The member co-operatives are functioning in the 16 blocks of the districts of East Singhbhum, Lohardaga, Gumla, Khunti, Dumka, Godda, Koderma and Bokaro.

Name of the cooperativeBlocksNo. of villagesMembers
Gumla Grameen Poultry Co-operative Society Ltd., GumlaRaidih, Palkot, Ghaghra17786
Peterwar Grameen Poultry Co-operative Society Ltd., BokaroPeterwar, Kasmar, Gola24698
Potka Grameen Poultry Co-operative Society Ltd., East SinghbhumPotka18392
Kurru Grameen Poultry Co-operative Society Ltd., LohardagaKurru17671
Torpa Grameen Poultry Co-operative Society Ltd., KhuntiTorpa24589
Godda Grameen Poultry Co-operative Society Ltd., GoddaGodda, Pathargama, Sunderpahari22315
Chandwara Grameen Poultry Co-operative Society Ltd., ChandwaraChandwara
Ekta Mahila Kukutpalak Swawlambi Sahkari Samiti Ltd., DumkaDumka, Shikaripara, Kathikund15680
Patamda Grameen Poultry Co-operative Society Ltd., PatamdaPatamda9255

Status at present for all co-operatives of Jharkhand (Fy 2015-16): At present, this is the largest broiler producing unit in the state with the annual production of 10,834.7 MT and annual sales turnover is Rs 12,893.79 lakh. This means, the average daily sales is 30 MT.  The co-operatives controls 90% of the market in the district towns and 20% of the total state market. The members have earned Rs 789.79 lakh during the financial year. Progress so far on year on year basis for all the co-operatives of Jharkhand:

Fin Year06-0707-0808-0909-1010-1111-1212-1313-1414-1515-16
Sales (MT)2428.113015.394814.475429.306933.628886.368540.2892951007510834
Sales turnover (Rs Lakh)993.131252.792688.933272.174208.276303.957666.2711342.9912513.9712894.00
Members profit (Rs Lakh)86.8191.85250.72348.38309.05339.28562.92625959790

Hatchery at Lohardaga and Peterwar: 

Since we have one of the biggest broiler producing unit of Eastern India, for supply of input, it has to depend on the suppliers with the lesser turnover. It has been found that the members of the co-operative societies have to compramise with quality and quantity many a times. After feed, chick is the most important factor. Seeing this, the co-operative society of Lohardaga District has established the state biggest hatchery which has the capacity to produce 3 lakh chicks per month. Each member saves at least Rs 2 per chick.The eggs are being purchased from Jabalpur, Hyderabad, Jalandhar and Banglore.

One more hatchery of this capacity has been completed and is operational since May 2011 at Petarbar in Bokaro district funded by NCDC. The total monthly production of the chicks is 6 lakh per month. The hatching eggs are not available in the eastern region and we have to purchase it from Southern or Northern states of the country. A parent unit for the production of hatching eggs will be a boon for the enterprise on which the livelihood of 5000 women are involved. It is required that the hatchery to be backed by parent farm.  Therefore a plan to establish a parent unit is in the pipe line. Feed Mill The co-operatives at Gumla, Dumka and Potka have their own feed mixing plant. They procure maize and soyabean De-oilled cake from market and 15% concentrate from Federation and prepare the complete feed. Federation is managing a feed mill at Peterwar in Bokaro district where 15% concentrate (mineral mixure) is prepared and supplied to the co-operative societies. The average daily requirement of the feed to all the co-operative is more than 50 MT.